halston potrait

Designer Halston circa 1975. Photo: Arnold Newman, Getty Images

Like Barbie needs Ken, the Halston woman needs her Halston man.

So, the fashion house is relaunching menswear at two levels: Halston Collection, tailored clothing and sportswear, and the lower- priced Halston Heritage, which will consist of more trend-driven sportswear pieces.

These collections mirror the women's Halston offerings: The Collection, designed by Marios Schwab, and Halston Heritage, helmed by new creative director Sarah Jessica Parker.

The menswear collections will not be designed by name designers, but will instead be assigned to Studio Mauro Ravizza Krieger, an Italian company that has done work for Loro Piana.

Collection suits will sell for around $2,000 with shirts and ties retailing for $400 and $150 respectively. Halston Heritage suits will cost no more than $1,100 and sweaters will go for $195-$450.

The company said the relaunch of the men's lines, which haven't been sold since the early '90s, is the direct result of the success of the women's collections.

And we definitely expect to see SJP's husband, actor Matthew Broderick, sporting the new duds.

"The brand is in a good place under the current management. Retailers are recognizing it as a luxury player, and the launch of the women's Heritage line has been a resounding success, not to mention the addition of Sarah Jessica Parker has been brilliant," Jim Ameen, owner of Neema Clothing, the licensee the Halston men's labels, and a stakeholder in Halston, told WWD.

"We always planned to have the women's lines up and running before we launched the men's. Now it's time to plan for the future of men's."