phillip bloch

Style guru Phillip Bloch talks Oscars 2010. Photo courtesy of Phillip Bloch

Phillip Bloch gives us his latest Pre-Oscars Tinseltown scoop.

Take it away, Bloch!

I continue on the road to Oscar gold, passing and stopping at luncheons, cocktail parties, fashion showrooms and galas along the way.

Merle Ginsberg, famed fashion writer, contestant on Bravo's "Launch My Line" and one of the panelists on Logo Network's "RuPaul's Drag Race," hosted an event at the eyebrow and beauty goddess of Beverly Hills' new namesake salon, Anastasia.

The primping mecca is located at 11933 Wilshire Boulevard and it's the hot spot for all of Hollywood's big wigs. Oprah has already been in to get her eyebrows done, and last year's Oscar winner and this year's nominee, Penelope Cruz made a pit stop.

Aside from the fact that Anastasia's been doing the brows of everyone in Hollywood for years, she's also superchic, as in donning an incredible Balmain jacket for the fête -- she's not yo momma's eyebrow tweezer.

And the salon offers the ultimate celeb attraction: privacy! There is a secret back gated parking lot that allows celebs to slip-in paparazzi free. To get a beautification treatment and be on your merry way without shutterbugs snapping shots -- pre- or post-eyebrow perfecting -- is a true luxury.

At this new retreat it's not only about getting your eyebrows done, Anastasia provides the whole beauty package. The good news, anyone can get the Hollywood treatment. The bad news, it'll cost you a pretty penny to be as perfect as Penelope and all of Anastasia's other celeb clients.

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