Reese Witherspoon could still pass for a teenager. Photos: Rafael-LCP-Sinister, | Sasha-DR, | SRV,

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon may turn 34 this month, but we swear the star could still pass for a teenager. You'd hardly believe she's a busy mom balancing two kids with an A-list acting career!

The Southern Belle never fails to wow us with her effortless, chic outfits, setting the bar pretty high for moms everywhere.

Luckily, getting Reese's look isn't necessarily an impossible feat. Take a look at the photos above, and follow a few basic fashion rules that Reese has mastered:

1. Shades.
If you don't have time to do a full face of makeup just to run to the store, well, that's where oversize sunglasses come in. You can drop your kids off at school in a makeup-free face and no one will be the wiser about the bags under your eyes.

2. Find your ideal hem length.
Reese clearly found hers! She sticks to a mid-thigh hemline to keep the focus on her great legs. Believe it or not, this hem length can be more flattering than knee-length skirts and dresses, as it ends before the widest part of the thigh, keeping most women's real trouble spots (the hips, butt, and upper thigh) covered. Try it with tights if you're not a leg person (after all, we're not going on daily runs like Reese!).

3. Accessorize.
A simple long gold necklace can work with multiple outfits, making it easy for a busy mom to throw something on in a hurry. Reese paired one with these three very different looks, above.

4. Pay attention to the shoes.
You don't have to wear heels, but choose a nice pair flats over casual sandals. Many moms might pair Reese's blue dress (above, center) with flip flops or sandals, but Reese's navy ballet flats make it so much more pulled together. And when your top is simple (a long-sleeve tee, above left, or a blazer, above right) add a little sexiness with a suede bootie like Reese does.