phillip bloch

Style guru Phillip Bloch talks Oscars 2010. Photo courtesy of Phillip Bloch

Phillip Bloch shares the hottest fashion scoop from Los Angeles as the stars prep for their big Oscar night.

Here's Bloch with the latest from Hollywood:

Essence Magazine's Black Women in Hollywood luncheon honored its favorite stars -- Mo'Nique -- the favorite for Sunday's big night, as well as "Precious" co-star Gabourey Sidibe. The luncheon was hosted by Mikki Taylor, one of Essence's star style icons, in celebration of her 30th anniversary with Essence.

has rocked the red carpet at every award show thanks to Mikki, who has been styling her for all the appearances. Taylor has made the actress look fierce and fabulous every time she takes home a trophy.

Though there are no definite designer names as of yet, we were told she will be looking every bit the star, with Mikki dressing Mo'Nique once again for her big date with Oscar destiny.

After today's luncheon, we're headed to a party to celebrate "Precious" director Lee Daniels, held at the Andaz hotel -- Hollywood's hippest and hottest new night spot.

If the cast and crew of "Precious" have not had enough partying there will be one more luncheon in Mo'Nique's honor on Saturday. After all what's award show season without a bunch of parties to celebrate all the awards?

But after all these luncheons and cocktail parties, it's hard to imagine anybody fitting into a dress . My favorite solution is shape shifters -- with them any woman can get that perfect red carpet look.

My shapewear of choice, which I use on all my celebrity clients, is Hanes Smooth Illusions and L'eggs Profiles.

Both are a great value: Hanes is for the more upscale department store shopper and L'eggs is under $10 and available at drugstores and mass retail outlets nationwide.

I'm sure when Mo'Nique takes home the Oscar Sunday night she'll be thanking her director, her stylist, her supporting cast and be extra thankful for the support of her body slimmers.

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