In the final installment of "My Body, My Style" featuring Zhaleh, our wonderfully tall and full figured model, stylist Sam Saboura readies her for a night out on the town.

Zhaleh says that when she goes out, she is likes to dance so constricting clothing is a no-no. Saboura's solution? A great pair of ruched leggings, a colorful day dress, and a cute cropped faux-leather jacket.

Helpful tip: The pattern on the dress is big and beautiful. Saboura says that, "if you're tall or full figured prints and patterns should always be in line with the size of your frame." From there it was a matter of creating balance on the body with layers and strategically-placed accessories.

Whether you're pear shaped, have a long torso, or are full-figured, you won't want to miss the rest of our tips for finding the best clothes for your shape, in the "My Body, My Style" series.