sally hershberger salon products

Photo: Courtesy Sally Hershberg SALON

We think Sally Hershberger can take full credit for the popularity of the shag haircut and for the litany of celebs and mere mortals who love it.

She's definitely the most valuable layer(er).

And now she's developed a new line of five must-have styling products called Salon that will launch on HSN on Monday, March 8th. StyleList snagged a few minutes with Hershberger before she heads down to HSN for Salon's live launch.

We asked Hershberger why she felt that the market needed another line of hair styling products. She maintains that most of the products on shelves are way too heavy, "I wanted to make clean-tech products that are lightweight. I started with my five must-have items, in particular Luxe Layers -- to help protect hair from heat styling damage without weighing it down."

"Salon has been a long time in the making, with two years of trial-and-error testing in my salons, with my stylists and on clients. It's very me -- more upscale. It hits who I am. Yes, it's more expensive than my mass line, but it's not priced like a luxe line," explains Hershberger.

So why HSN? "They are a great partner and they have huge viewership. What a great way to launch something. You can't hit more people at once. All the cool people do HSN. It's a really good fit for the brand," says Hershberger.

When we first received samples of the line, we were a bit surprised that there weren't a shampoo and conditioner included. Turns out Hershberger is fiercely loyal to the ones in her mass line and believes they do a great job, so there just wasn't any reason to do more. We love her practical attitude.

The Salon line includes the aforementioned blow-dry gel Luxe Layers, Smooth Fix (a flexible-hold hair spray), Texture Blast ("like a spray-wax, but lighter"), Shape Up (a lightweight volumizer that's great on fine hair) and Mineral Spray (a better version of the beach-hair spritzes on the market).

All five stylers launch live on HSN on Monday, so tune in and watch Sally style in real time.