Alessandra Ambrosio (left) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (right) with their lingerie-clad cardboard cutouts. Photo courtesy of Victoria's Secret

Two Victoria's Secret's Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, touched down at the lingerie giant's SoHo store in NYC to chat about the three new "Body by Victoria" bras and more pressing issues, like how they maintain their fabulous bodies.

We got the lowdown on exercise, eating and what's considered a splurge.

StyleList: You're constantly jetting around the world. How do you keep from looking tired and jet-lagged?
Alessandra Ambrosio: Drinking a lot of water is great to stay hydrated. I don't like water, but I try to stay on it. When I get into a hotel I try to do 20 minutes of yoga to feel better after being all crunched up in the airplane. It opens your body a little bit and stretches you out.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I know it's really boring, but I drink lots and lots of water -- it really works. I also love to use the moisturizers from Victoria's Secret. I love the apple flavor.

SL: What's your regular workout routine?
AA: I have a personal trainer who created the Brazilian Butt Lift class that mixes capoeira and samba. It's fun but you're still doing squats and getting exercise. I did cardio after I had my daughter to get in shape again, but I usually don't do cardio other than walking on the beach. I'm not a fan of going into the gym and running on a treadmill. I would rather go for a hike.
RHW: I go to the gym, do a lot of cardio and keep strong, which is really important to me.

SL: What food do you splurge on?
AA: I like to have a splurge wherever I am. I was in Milan the other day so for room service I had a pizza – a whole pizza. I think it's all about trying to be healthy, but to cheat a little bit sometimes. If you're in Milan, go have a pizza. If you're in Paris, go have a croissant. If you're here [in New York], have a cheeseburger. In Brazil, I have the Brazilian barbecue, but not every day. It's all balance."
I'm a huge eater --it can be anything from a roast dinner cooked by my mum, pizza or burgers. I love burgers and chips. I'm a British farm girl -- I love to eat -- it's really important part of my life.

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