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A flawless faced Kate Winslet (last year's Oscar winner for Best Actress); and a glowing Sandra Bullock, one of this year's nominees for the same honor. Photos: Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images | Michael Buckner, Getty Images

Celebrity skincare guru Tracie Martyn sets up camp in Hollywood, Calif. every year during Oscars week to give A-list clients her signature Red Carpet Facial before the big night.

This year, Martyn is working her magic on Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and the one all eyes will be on, Sandra Bullock.

StyleList was lucky enough to catch up with the in-demand facialist to get a sneak peek into what it's like to be the go-to gal to some of the biggest names in the business before they're scrutinized by millions.

StyleList: Describe what the days leading up to the Oscars are like for you.
Tracie Martyn:
Our whole LA trip is organized in a very secretive way. Nobody knows where we are staying until the day before their treatment. We have to ship all of the equipment from New York as the trademarked Red Carpet Facial is a gentle, yet very effective high-tech treatment involving a lot of beauty machines, primarily our proprietary "Resculptor" that generates a mild current to stimulate the skin, an amber LED machine and an Oxygen Infusion machine.

We are doing about 6 treatments a day, but it is complicated, as we are very careful to make sure that clients who see us are comfortable with each other if they are booked back-to-back. We have some male actors that we manage to get in without seeing anybody else.

We arrive on the Monday before the Oscars and start seeing clients on Tuesday. As it gets closer toward the end of the week, the schedule gets more out of control. Luckily, we are great at juggling things! Appointments may change slightly due to fittings [for dresses], but eventually things are down to a schedule that is very precise.

The clients arrive in their car and they get escorted to a private entrance where they take an elevator with restricted key access to my secret suite for the treatment. After 1 hour, they look and feel refreshed. They get escorted back to their car and it's like it never happened, except for the fact that they are "wearing" the Tracie Martyn Glow on the red carpet!

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Celebrity secret weapon: Tracie Martyn Firming Serum; available at TracieMartyn.com.

SL: Why do actresses come to you instead of a dermatologist?
It's very simple. While some of my clients go to the best dermatologists in town, others do not. The clients that do go to the derm have had their last appointment about two weeks prior to the Oscars.

Simply because they want to look great on the red carpet, nobody wants to look as though they just had some injectables (Botox, Restylane, etc), lasers or peels, as those require downtime and can leave suspicious signs behind. In terms of a week before -- and certainly the day before -- we have to admit that our trademarked Red Carpet Facial has quite the monopoly in terms of beauty treatments!

SL: How many treatments do you give the stars before the Oscars?
Because of their tight schedules (and ours is not much better, frankly), I mostly get to see nominees and presenters once before the ceremony, however, i did have the pleasure of seeing Oscar winner Kate Winslet last year more than once before she received her well-deserved award. She looked gorgeous to top it all off.

Some of my clients do come the day of the awards. It's surreal how we get to see them the same day on the TV screen and then shortly after at one of the parties!

SL: Are you planning on hitting any of the after-parties?
While I have been invited to some of the most amazing parties, I am mostly preparing everybody else to go to the events, including Diane von Furstenberg for the annual VIP luncheon she hosts. She looked great after her Red Carpet Facial and even tweeted about it on InsideDVF.

SL: What do you feel when you see your celebrities walk down the red carpet looking beautiful?
I am very thrilled that I was able to contribute somewhat to the success of this very special day. I know what it feels like to be confident about how you look and what a difference that makes in being able to enjoy the experience.

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