Sandra Bullock, best in hair at Oscars 2010. Photo: Getty Images

We can (and did) interview hairstylists all night on how they created the gorgeous looks we saw at the 2010 Oscars.

But it's eye-opening to talk to someone who's used to seeing, and critiquing, the looks first hand. So StyleList called in the expertise of Nancy O'Dell – the entertainment journalist and red carpet mainstay -- for her exclusive commentary on the best tressed stars at the 2010 Academy Awards. O'Dell was on the town tonight, rubbing elbows with the stars at many an Oscar party.

As the new spokesperson for Rusk Professional Hair care, O'Dell dishes on who rocked their locks, and Rusk creative team lead stylist, Sherri Jessee, gives us tips on how to achieve each look.

Best Overall Hair: Sandra Bullock
Not only did Sandra Bullock take home the Best Actress prize -- but she also nabbed O'Dell's best hair nod. "Gorgeous, sleek, shiny hair, it's very soft feminine with an ever so slight curl at bottom, said O'Dell. "It has the perfect amount of height and structure. Such a classic look, almost Old Hollywood, but made it her own!

The most important aspect to this look? Bullock's glossy hair. "For this shiny, healthy look, you must begin with great hair color," says Jessee. "Just look how shiny and gorgeous Sandra's color is! For her role in "The Blind Side" she was blonde, however, this amazing deep, rich color looks aabsolutely fantastic on her! To create this rich chocolate tone, I would recommend Rusk Deepshine Demi which has it's own special range of premixed decadent chocolate tones, and it rebuilds and restores the natural integrity of the hair as it adds shine.

Most Daring Hair: Sarah Jessica Parker
Parker is getting accolades for her big, sculptural bun, and O'Dell agrees. "A sleek updo with a large bun in the back, it's very architectural," said O'Dell. "Her hair almost looked like a bow made from hair. If it were anyone other than Sarah Jessica

Sarah Jessica Parker had the most daring 'do at Oscars 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Parker wrapped up like this, I would say it wouldn't work, but since she is known for stepping out of the box as far as fashion, Sarah Jessica can do it!"

This gravity defying hairstyle, is very of the moment, says Jessee. "Creating objects such as bows from the hair are actually a hot trend right now and have been featured by trend icon of the moment, Lady Gaga!" The Hollywood trick? Extensions, to add volume and length to the hair. "Extensions are widely available now in human hair and can easily be matched to your own hair color," says Jessee. Once you've clipped them in, begin with a pony tail spit into two even sections. Gently bend the side sections over and pin to form each of the two sides of the bow.

Best Updo: Miley Cyrus
"Simple, sweet and so elegant for such a wonderful young talent," said O'Dell. "Miley continues to get it right, from her clothes to her hair. Miley's UpDo is a new classic and really showcased her face. Her hairstyle was perfect without looking "constructed"

The key to Cyrus' look? Lots of gravity-defying volume, starting in the shower. "Using a volumizing shampoo, like Rusk Designer Collection "thicker" Thickening Shampoo, is critical to create thickness and volume," says Jessee. "A lightweight conditioner (preferably one designed for fine hair) is also essential to help keep the hair weightless rather than weighted down."

Miley Cyrus has a the best updo at Oscars 2010. Photo: Getty Images

Use a foam mousse to add control and definition, then curl the entire head with hot rollers, like BaByliss Ceramic Ionic curlers. "An easy up do begins with a pony tail," says Jessee. She suggests sectioning the hair from the ear to ear over the top of the head. Secure the back in a pony tail just above the round of the head. Twist the hair and form the curls into a loose bun and pin with bobby pins. To create the amazing texture in the front, take 1' slithers of hair and pull them back loosely and pin into the curls in the back. The key here to create the texture is to use your hands to bring the sections back, not a brush. Spay each section liberally with a hairspray, like Rusk Being Sexy Hairspray.

Best Male Hair: Zac Efron
As for the guys, Zac Efron gets the now with his choppy locks "Lots of texture! It was messy without being a mess," says O'Dell. "Very stylish, very young, and very modern. Zac's look was hip and perfectly frames his adorably handsome face."

Jessee suggests enhancing Efron's choppy texture with a firm hold gel or styling paste, like Rusk Wired Flexible Styling Creme. "This is an extra-strength styling creme that bulks up the texture of the hair and gives gravity defying hold," she says.

Best Tressed Couple: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem
"Penelope incorporated one of the trends of the evening – architecturally inspired hair, but without looking too constructed,"says O'Dell. "Her hair up is feminine and goes well with that amazing dress, and we all know that hair can make or break a dress. Javier's look is cool, carefree and suits his style. Overall, Penelope and Javier are a great looking couple and I always look forward to seeing them together."

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are the best-tressed couple at Oscars 2010. Photo: AP

Tonight Penelope was actually a bit low key, with her thick mane tied back into a classic, chignon, said Jessee. "The key here is to use a light finishing spray, like Rusk W8less Plus, while teasing hair at the roots to give lift and then gently smooth hair back and form a loose bun. Javier's softly layered hair that can be controlled perfectly with a small dollop of Rusk Jel FX firm holding gel."

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