Holy Kenley Collins!

The "Project Runway" alum/notorious cat flinger might want to drum up an alibi for this past Saturday, when an anonymous audience member reportedly hurled a stuffed cat at Vivienne Westwood at the end of her Paris Fashion Week show, The Cut reports.

(Well, there goes one of the poor thing's nine lives.)

As the video shows, Westwood was on the runway with her posse of models when a flash of fur grazed her shoulder before being picked up by a model.

We know what you're thinking: WTF?!?

While we'd normally finger PETA in any runway-throwing situation, Westwood's not exactly Public Enemy No. 1 given her recent work with eco footwear brand Melissa. (Also: tossing pets into the air doesn't exactly smack of "animal-friendly" behavior.)

Guess that means Karl Lagerfeld is up to his old practical jokes again. And we really hope the feline-loving Grace Coddington wasn't there to witness the cat cruelty.

Either way, let's pray the runway kitty litter trend ends here. We'd hate for a single kitten to knock down an entire row of size zero models.

Speaking of runway accidents, check out this male model's tumble at Westwood's menswear show.