Cynthia Rowley's bridesmaid dresses are inviting. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley: Always a bridesmaid? At least for now.

has entered into a partnership with the Dessy Group to create a collection of bridesmaid dresses inspired by her ready-to-wear collection.

Set to hit bridal stores in June, the collection will have many of the design elements Rowley's clothes are known for like tulle skirts and drop-waist silhouettes.

The floor- and tea-length dresses will be appropriate for both day and evening weddings.

"We wanted to bring a chic sensibility to bridesmaids dresses -- a look that is pretty yet sophisticated," Rowley said in a press release.

Dresses in the 20-piece collection will retail for $175-$220, making them a designer steal.

And though every bride says, "You can wear it again," when forcing her bridesmaids into Pepto pink dresses, now the statement may finally hold true.

Rowley is not completely new to the bridal industry; she has designed one-of-a-kind dresses for private clients and friends.

And what goes perfectly with Cynthia Rowley's new collection? Why, none other than the designer's shapewear.