Katherine Heigl goes dark. Photos: APG, X17online.com | Jean Baptiste Lacroix, WireImage.com

"Grey's Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl debuted a new brunette hairstyle this week.

The new mom is known for her golden locks, which have run the gamut from a frosty almost-platinum to a deeper honey shade. Heigl did flirt with auburn hair at one point, but ultimately went back to blonde.

Whatever her color, Heigl's hair always had that warm, tell-tale tone of naturally dark hair that's been lightened, so we figured she'd go back to her roots eventually.

Verdict: We like the rich new chocolate look. And whether or not this is her "natural" hair color, it looks very natural on the star. Heigl is lucky that her light, peachy skin can carry many shades.

Which look do you like best? Shoud Heigl have stayed blonde? Leave a comment and let us know!

p.s. Did you notice that Heigl darkened her eyebrows to match her hair?