Burberry Store

Burberry is in the legal trenches again to stop alleged counterfeiting. Photo: Stefanie Keenan, WireImage

What's the latest trend to avoid? Creating anything that resembles a high-end design.

Fendi recently won an impressive $4.7 million dollar judgement against Burlington Coat Factory for continuing to sell fake Fendi bags.

Now, Burberry claims TJX Co., the parent company of discount chains including T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, has been selling counterfeits in mass quantities, Reuters reports.

While millions of discount shoppers thought they were getting a designer steal, the Brit label headed to Manhattan federal court alleging that TJX has sold everything from counterfeit Burberry jackets, photo frames, polo shirts to scarves and luggage, over a span of four years.

According to the complaint, Burberry is hopping mad over TJX's attempt "to attract their target customer base and profit at Burberry's expense."

Not only is the luxury brand asking the court to stop the sale of the allegedly infringing products, but its lawyers are asking for triple damages and that TJX place "corrective advertisements."

From Burberry's courtroom track record, TJX better bring its legal A-game. The company known for its classic trenches recently took home a cool $1.5 million from a trademark infringement suit.