Get ready to smell like Jennifer Aniston. Photo: Getty Images

You knew it was just a matter of time.

Industry insiders say that Jennifer Aniston - one of the only A-list Hollywood stars to not have launched or partnered with a beauty product - is rumored to soon sign a deal with the Falic Group to possibly create her own fragrance later this year. If the deal comes through, it would be the second celeb steal for the Falic Group, who signed Desperate Housewife star Eva Longoria last year for an upcoming April fragrance launch.

The potential project comes at a busy time for the 40 year-old actress, whose latest film, The Bounty Hunter, is set to open on March 19th - followed by "The Switch," which will release later this year. She is currently filming "Just Go With It," and is in pre-production for "The Goree Girls."

We're surprised that Aniston - whose "Rachel" layered cut launched a decade-long cross-country craze - didn't go for what would seemingly be the logical route of hair care products. But money could be talking; celeb fragrance payouts can reach the same dizzying multi-million dollar heights of film productions. Industry experts say that A-listers can fetch as much as $3 million to $10 million for a contract.

Now that's what we call a sweet-smelling deal.