Curly Hair Woman

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Do you have a love/hate relationship with your blow dryer and flat iron? If you have curls, chances are you do. But we say, why fight it? Curly hair is playful, chic and pretty darn sexy. You just have to know how to treat those locks with love. Owner of Manhattan's Devachan Salon, Lorraine Massey, offered some helpful tips to

Cut back on the shampoo. "Shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical; this chemical is a detergent and is universally known as a skin irritant. It hurts your skin. It really dries out hair because it's an inorganic chemical and hair is organic. Shampoo strips hair of natural moisture."

Replace daily shampoos with conditioner. "Just use a little bit and rinse it thoroughly," Massey said. "It may take some trial and error to know how much you need. After a while you'll know exactly what to use. Start small. Think of how much lotion you put on your face; your scalp is not much more surface area. Gently wash the scalp with the conditioner and rinse well."

Put down the brush. If you cleanse hair with conditioner, tangles will disappear naturally during the rinse. Combing and brushing hair merely adds potential for damage and frizz.

Avoid gels, silicone products and frizz-free products. "Hair product manufacturers use the cheapest ingredients," Massey stated. "Many people with naturally curly and naturally wavy hair look for genies in the bottle. There is no genie. Gels and silicone products are Band-Aids. They don't heal hair; they just lie on top and take away moisture. For a minute, hair looks less frizzy, but inside moisture is sucked out."

Be patient. Easing off the products may give you a couple of bad hair days, but eventually the conditioner-regimen will take effect and you'll see a major difference. "We call frizzy hair roadkill - it's lifeless hair without moisture. If you keep enough moisture within strands of hair by only using conditioning products (and not using shampoos!), your hair will not leave itself to look for moisture, each beautiful curl stays clear and crystallized."

Find a hairstylist who understands curly hair. Curly hair has to be cut dry," advised Massey. "That's the only way to know if hair is cut evenly. Hairdressers are not trained on curly hair she added. "They're only taught to blow-fry curly hair to straight-jacket kingdom. I spend a lot of my time at hair conventions, nobody focuses on curly hair."

Curly hair is one thing, but curly bangs? Is this look fierce of just downright fugly?