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The Patient's Question: Wanted - A New Nose! I'm a 31 year old mom and I've always wondered what it would be like to be the girl that no one notices. As an Italian, I take pride in my "flaw" but I am curious about what a downgrade in size would do to my appearance. I've recently lost about 35 lbs and as my body shrunk, my nose mysteriously grew!

The patient before (left) and after (right) hypothetical rhinoplasty and neck liposuction. Courtesy Photo

Dr. Freund's Answer: I understand your concerns and have shown you in the "After" photos what a small reduction in the bump would do for you. Let me reassure you that overall your nose is not bad to start with and rhinoplasty surgery would make subtle improvements.

Perhaps more important is the excess fat under your neck. It's great that you've lost some weight recently, and you should continue to address this issue. Interestingly, you mention that after your weight loss that your nose appeared larger. More likely, as your face got smaller your nose stayed the same, but it appeared larger. I have also demonstrated what your neck may look like if you lost more weight or had liposuction there. The cost for neck liposuction should be under $5,000, and the downtime is minimal, so you might want to consider that, if you do anything at all.

Meanwhile, keep dropping those pounds. You're on the right track!

Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Freund,

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