Lakme Fashion Week Bald Model

Bald is beautiful at Lakme Fashion Week. Photo: Rafiq Maqbool, AP

As shocking as it may seem, bald can be beautiful. And that has never been more true after The Frisky spotted one such model who recently kicked off Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2010 in Mumbai. Not only did she rock the runway, she rocked it bald!

We all remember Demi Moore revealing her shaved head as Lt. Jordan O'Neil in "G.I. Jane." She wowed us with her seriously buff bod, but it was her bald head that really had people turning theirs. Natalie Portman also went all-out for her role in "V for Vendetta" when her head was shaved on screen -- luckily, they got it right the first time!

While many women have proven that being bald is hot, others have not (ahem, "Britney"?). Some say the pop star shaving her own head was a reaction to the stress of raising two kids and a failed marriage; others believe it was a publicity stunt. Either way, we can probably all agree it was a definite hair don't.

So what makes some women able to pull this look off?

It's all in the shape of your face, says Moulay Yacoubi of the Pierre Michel Salon in New York. "You would need to have an oval or heart shaped face," he said. "It helps to have clear skin and strong symmetrical features, too, since the face will be the focal point."

Moulay warns that going bald is not for everyone, so don't break out the razor just yet. "This look is extreme, so it requires someone with a lot of moxie and a rocker edge. It's definitely not for the faint of heart and most people would look much better and more stylish with a short haircut that flatters their face rather than a totally bald look."

He adds, "For women who are losing hair due to chemotherapy, shaving the head can be a bold, beautiful statement. For most people, though, I'd strongly advise against it. I always advise my clients to settle on a classic, flattering hairstyle rather than a momentary trend because beautiful hair never goes out of style."

Still want to try the bald look? Don't attempt to cut it yourself.

Moulay says its best to place the task in the hands of a professional who can assess whether this is the right choice for you. For most people though, he says a pixie cut is a much better option!

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