how to never look fat again book charla krupp

Secrets to dressing skinny. Photo courtesy of Springboard Press

Wouldn't it be nice to always step out of the house looking your sveltest? Well, thanks to a new book by fashion and beauty expert Charla Krupp, you can do just that.

"How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Dress Thinner -- Without Dieting!" is a no-holds-barred guide on camouflaging Buddha bellies, muffin tops, bat wings, cankles, big butts and thunder thighs.

Krupp, whose first book, "How Not to Look Old," remained on the New York Times best seller list for weeks, doesn't mince words when it comes to dishing out advice.

Her straightforward, honest approach combined with stellar tips makes her book a must-read for women of all shapes and sizes.

StyleList got a chance to talk to the author on the eve of her book launch.

StyleList: What are the most fattening clothes a woman can wear?
Charla Krupp:
Oversized T-shirts, drawstring pants, capri pants if you have cankles, sneakers with pants, sleeveless shirts for people who have arm flab, bright white gym shoes with tube socks, low-riding jeans for people with muffin top, wrap dresses if you have too much cleavage.

Has the way you dress changed since writing the book?
Yes, I realized I have so many clothes I need to get rid of. I put them on, and they don't make me feel good anymore. They're either too old or too baggy. I've made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime.

I love hot pink, but I shouldn't be wearing it in skirts. I have this Dolce & Gabbana python beaded-and-sequined skirt -- it's ridiculous! I can't wear all that embellishment on the lower half of my body.

I want less. I want fewer things; I want space in my closet!

SL: What are some ways that women can make their wardrobes less fattening on the cheap?
CK: Target has great things that are very of the moment. But even if you buy something trendy, you still have to be sure it makes you look good. I think the temptation for so many women is that they want to wear the trends, but the trends are not your friend. You really have to evaluate: Is it worth it to wear the trend? You have to rethink it.

If spice colors are in, then maybe an orange skirt isn't the answer for you. But an orange bag? Sure, why not. Or an orange cardigan sweater. You have to make sure you're not wearing a bright color on a place on your body that's going to make you look fat.

What nonfattening pieces should everyone have in her closet?
Everyone should have an amazing pair of jeans that makes your butt look good, a great black pencil skirt that really shows off your shape and the best pair of nude heels you can afford.

What spring trends are the most and least fattening?
Graphic-print dresses can be a little tricky. If you have a big butt, a Buddha belly or muffin top, pick a print that's not so busy. If the print has a black background, that's better. The cage shoe is tricky to wear if you're not crazy about your calves or your cankles. They really draw attention to your feet.

A solid A-line dress that really fits you well will look great. The pouf skirt, on the other hand, is a disaster on anybody who has fat thighs. The transparent trend is also a disaster -- who wants everyone to see what they're trying to hide?

SL: Which celebrities do the no-fat look well?
I think Sandra Bullock looks good. She wears a lot of belts around her waist. Demi Moore, she often wears knee-length dresses, which is very age appropriate. You have to dress for your age. Michelle Pfeiffer always looks good. Julia Roberts looks great.

What are your secret weapons in the fight against fat?
Shapewear is key. I love the new line from Spanx called Skinny Britches. The pieces are very feminine and pretty, so if you happen to flash a little shapewear when you're getting out of a cab, you won't be embarrassed. Sometimes I wear shapewear all the way up to the bra band. I never wear flimsy underwear.

I wear nude heels that blend into my skin tone and lengthen my legs. I use Revolotion from DuWop on my legs after I shave them -- I never wax, only shave! You want to look like you're wearing nylons, without actually wearing nylons.

"How to Never Look Fat Again" is now in stores and Charla Krupp will be making personal appearances across the country starting this Saturday, March 13, from 1-3 pm at Bloomingdale's 59th Street flagship store in New York City.