jason lewis bed charisma sheets

Jason Lewis... in bed. Photo courtesy of Charisma

Tall, blond Jason Lewis, the model turned "Sex and the City" actor who plays a model, emerged from a suite of rooms at Bloomingdale's in New York City to talk to me about Charisma and the range of towels he is promoting.

Annoyingly, he was not wearing the product.

As previously reported, Lewis is the body face of the luxury brand's bedding, as well.

He is also about to return to the national consciousness in his role as Smith Jerrod, man-candy to the voracious publicist played by Kim Cattrall.

"I just ran into Kristin Davis [who plays Charlotte] at an Oscars party, and she says the new movie ["Sex and the City 2"] is going to be big, everyone is very happy with the way it turned out," he said.

And are there any questions about the film he wishes journalists would stop asking?

"All of them," he said with a shrug. "I've heard them all before."

Okay then -- moving on!

Lewis, who described himself as a "gypsy," explained that he had recently been kiteboarding and traveling around the fishing villages of Brazil. "I'm a man who likes to get his fingers dirty," he said.

Thrillingly for the Charisma publicist, who was present but not quite so voracious as her screen-sister Samantha, this provided an opportunity to talk towels.

"I keep the nice towels in the bathroom and then when they're ripped to shreds, I take them to the beach and use them for surfing," said Lewis, doing an admirable job of masculinizing a topic that, let's face it, could make a lesser man seem fey.

And does he have any advice for the average dude about towels?

"You know guys," he said, his blue eyes narrowing to steely slits, "ya gotta wash 'em."

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