Kim Kardashian nude and black dress cleavage

Kim Kardashian, one of the stars who dropped trou for Harper's Bazaar. Photo: Arlene Richie/

You heard us! And as if the headline wasn't star-studded enough, it seems that Demi Moore was on set as a stagehand of some sort.

(Moore does have experience posing naked for magazines, after all. Need we remind you of the very pregnant star going au naturel on the cover of Vanity Fair in 1991?)

Photographer Amanda de Cadenet, the lenswoman behind this upcoming Harper's Bazaar feature, first took to her Twitter on Monday, the night before the shoot, to share the news.

"Am doing a shoot abt diversity of beauty w/ @nicolerichie @kimkardashian, kelly osbourne + Selma Blair. love ths women 4 helping change perceptions," she tweeted.

Then while on set, Amanda de Cadenet -- who recently shot plus-size model Crystal Renn for V magazine -- tweeted the following:

"Taking some stunning nudes of @kimkardashian cannot tweet them for obvious reasons but I can say that she is a stunning natural beauty."

Then, later: "Wht a gr8 day shooting nudes 4 bazaar w/ @kimkardashian @nicolerichie. Thanks 2 @mrskutcher we did a self portrait as some 1 didn't show!"

And that "some 1" who didn't show would be Kelly Osbourne! Drama!

While de Cadenet didn't mention the newly slimmed down Osbourne by name in her post-shoot video diary (seen here on, she does say the following:

"I did some really beautiful nude photographs of Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Selma Blair and one lady did not show up, so I had to step in and do a self-portrait to represent curvy girls," she said.

"My friend Mrs. Kutcher [aka Demi Moore] came and helped me do the self-portrait. Overall, we did a story to try to represent all of the different body types women have and show that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes."

The other ladies were also excited about the concept and tweeted during and after the shoot.

"Helping my pal @amandadecadenet w/her photoshoot for Bazaar -- all nudes showing all types of bodies love it! Especially cuz I'm behind camera!" tweeted Moore on Tuesday.

While Richie tweeted about doing a shoot in her "birthday suit!" then sent her gratitude after it wrapped.

"Thank you @amandadecandenet & @mrskutcher for such a wonderful, inspiring day. It was an honor being nude for you," she said.

Kardashian, who has previously worked with de Cadenet on a Glamour shoot, also tweeted that she did both sit-ups and squats at home before the 6am shoot.

Since most magazines work about three months ahead of schedule, we're guessing these images in Harper's Bazaar won't hit newsstands until early summer.

But, since de Cadenet tweeted about looking to the nudes of legendary photographers Irving Penn and Sam Haskins' Cowboy Kate series as inspiration, we're sure they'll be stunning and tasteful.

And see which other group of famous ladies decided to bare it all in the name of fashion?