This beautiful bag could be yours! Operators are waiting by! Photo: Courtesy of HSN

Next Wednesday, designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka will promote their new American Glamour Badgley Mischka collection that is being sold exclusively on HSN. The full range of affordable spring clothing and accessories includes blazers, silk tunics, bags, shoes, and even a blinged-out fedora as cheeky homage to Britney Spears. "This is our ode to certain celebrities that have shaved their heads, ahem, Ms. Spears," joked Mischka at press conference yesterday.

The collection - which is available for purchase now - is a follow-up to the mini version that they launched - and sold out - on the channel in November. This time around, the duo will are participating in twelve hours shilling session spread over 24-hours (two on, two off). And we fully plan on tuning in for pieces like this new version of their popular Randee shoe, which was voted "season's best" by Bloomingdales.

The HSN version will retail for less than half of the price (under $100) and will replace the teeter-totter 5 inch satin stiletto for a much more balance friendly wedge. Much of the collection follows suit, offering more wearer-friendly iterations of previous hits from their namesake line. A $4,000 crepe tuxedo jacket has been morphed into a versatile belted knit jacket with removable Art-Deco glam detailing. Elsewhere chunky bejeweled red carpet bracelets are lightened up for day wear.

Also on the top of our wish list? The handbags. The duo used all of the same manufacturers and vendors but with different materials and you can tell in details like the stitching and soft leather on their Jackie Tote (a good value at $329.90).

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