Quasar Light Therapy Baby Quasar Perricone MD Light Renewal

Quasar Light Therapy's Baby Quasar (left) and Perricone MD's Light Renewal (right) make it easy for women to perform spa-worthy beauty treatments at home. Photos: Neiman Marcus

We're on the brightening bandwagon, that's for sure. And today's WWD reports that the treasure trove of new devices available at high-end retailers is only getting bigger.

Since the recession, many women have turned away from pricey spa treatments and services in favor of at-home skin solutions, such as Clarisonic Skin Care, Perricone MD Light Renewal and Quasar Light Therapy's Baby Quasar.

Light-therapy devices like the ones from Perricone, Quasar and Tanda claim to help treat everything from fine lines and wrinkles to acne, and women are buying it (them).

According to WWD, "Research has shown that red and infrared light can be effective in stimulating the production of collagen, diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and shrinking enlarged pores, firming and toning skin, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation, redness and clearing acne."

While these skincare gadgets don't come cheap, the Baby Quasar will cost you $449 (which would only get you about two intensive skincare treatments at a spa), WWD's sources predict "that as costs come down, there will be a model priced around $125 that will fit in the mass market."

Like the newest flat-screen TVs, if you wait six months, they inevitably become more affordable, and you won't feel the proverbial sting quite as much.

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