Wei treats the skin with ancient Chinese remedies. Photo courtesy of Space NK

Space NK founder Nicky Kinnaird is so selective about the brands she stocks -- making sure they are the best of the best from around the world -- that we'd admittedly use anything she handed to us without a second thought.

We're definitely intrigued by her latest find, Wei skincare, which just launched this month exclusively at Space NK.

Creator Wei Young Brian was born and raised in China and is a firm believer in the power of traditional Chinese medicine.

Chinese herbalists have used natural botanicals for centuries to bring harmony back to the body so it can function healthfully, and Wei brings that practice to the skin with the belief that yin/yang balance is the path to youthful, healthy skin.

The holistic skincare line, which uses medical-grade Chines herbal complexes, is divided into four categories: Purify-Chi to clear away toxins (later, clogged pores!), Energize-Yang to revitalize dull skin, Replenish-Yin to improve luminosity and texture, and Correct-Zen to correct imperfections.

After a tough winter here in the Northeast (winter-ravaged skin!) the products we're ready to try are:
Once we get our skin in shape we'll be ready to try out the look-at-me makeup trends from Fashion Week!