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Sharon Osbourne went public on her slimming surgery (aka gastric bypass). Photo: Michael Tran, FilmMagic/Getty Images

Put away the StairMaster and pass the scalpel.

A new survey from found that nearly eight out of 10 British women would rather lose weight through plastic surgery than dieting or exercise, the Telegraph reports.

(And they say Americans are lazy.)

Out of 1,305 Brits surveyed, women claimed they'd prefer to get slim by liposuction (34 percent), gastric bypass (26 percent) or a tummy tuck (8 percent), according to the paper.

Meanwhile, just 14 percent were reportedly willing to go on a diet, 2 percent would exercise more and 6 percent would focus on diet and exercise.

Jane Fonda is not going to like this one bit!

Men were willing to put in a bit more effort to get fit, with 52 percent reportedly opting for increased exercise over a trip to Beverly Hills.

But don't start handing out medals just yet -- 19 percent of men preferred tummy tucks and 11 percent wanted lipo.

Apparently, a gurney is preferable to a green salad -- while 63 percent of men reportedly considered plastic surgery "the lazy option," only 7 percent saw cutting calories as the best way to drop pounds.


"Obesity is a huge issue in the UK," Christiana Clogg, owner of The Good Surgeon Guide told the Telegraph. "The nation certainly needs to get healthier; however we also need to get fitter.

"Surgery may be a quick fix and give great results, but it doesn't always improve underlying health or psychological issues. If people are considering weight-loss surgery they could be suffering from low self-esteem -- this is when people can get blinded by low prices and technical language."

And if that doesn't scare you straight, maybe the Human Barbie will!

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