Here's what's happening around the web this morning:

Heidi Klum Nabs April Marie Claire Cover
Hot mama Heidi Klum dons a blue Anthony Williams frock on the cover of Marie Claire's April issue. Dear God -- any chance we can look this good after four kids? Mmmkaythanksbye.
[Marie Claire]

Nars Launches "Runway, Real Way, Nars Way" Makeup Tutorials
Nars is taking a page out of Courtney Love's playbook (cough) by launching "Runway, Real Way, Nars Way," a series of online video makeup tutorials explaining how to score the runway beauty looks from New York Fashion Week.

Australian Department Store Myer Unveils Curvier Plus-Size Mannequins
Inspired by Debenhams' use of larger mannequins, Australia's Myer has introduced Size 18 and 20 dummies -- but only in its plus-size department. Um...yay?
[Sydney Morning-Herald]

Fendi Wins Filene's Injunction
You don't mess with the Fendi. The fashion house has won an injunction preventing Filene's from selling its goods without consent.

Male Tummy Tucks Up By 55 Percent
Britain's Harley Medical Group has found that the number of men undergoing tummy tucks has risen by 55 percent. Guess they haven't heard of Spanx for Men.
[Daily Express]

Model Rie Rasmussen Calls Lensman Terry Richardson "Degrading"
Ooh, we love a good fashion cat fight! Racy photographer Terry Richardson called model Rie Rasmussen's agency to complain after she attacked him for being "degrading."
[Page Six]

One-Armed Thief Steals Single Cufflink
A one-armed thief has been charged with stealing just one cufflink from a jewelry store. "The Fugitive," it ain't.
[Daily Mail]