Neutrogena Clinical claims their new treatments can help stimulate skin cells to produce collagen with bioelectric technology. Photo: Courtesy of Neutrogena.

Did you know that your skin can get sleepy?

As we age, the cells that work to produce collagen, the squishy fat that gives skin its attractive vibrance and lift, slows down or even stops creating the highly sought-after youth ingredient.

Wrinkles, sagging and thin-looking skin are the visible symptoms of this slow-down. And if you smoke, sun bathe or eat a diet high in sugar and carbs, dermatologists say that you can even be speeding up that break-down process.

Launching in drugstores next week, Neutrogena's Ion2 Complex skincare line claims to give our sleepy skin cells some hope.

Based on the notion that bioelectricity kicks our skin cells into action, Neutrogena Clinical's skincare solution is meant to stimulate communication between skin cells so that they begin producing collagen again.

The proposed plan is a two-part skin system made of a serum that delivers essential ion-mineral conductors to the skin, and a moisturizer that activates the serum by restoring positive ion flow.

Our suspicion that the prescription might just be a ploy to get shoppers to buy two products instead of one was proven wrong when we discovered that they are actually sold together as a set.

"Using the two products in combination is necessary to achieve results. Neutrogena Clinical is different than other two-step skincare technologies because users must activate the Ion2 Complex technology -- it's not optional," the Neutrogena team tells StyleList.

And our next thought: Might this stuff work on the back of our thinning and sun-wearied hands?

"As the body ages, diminished bioelectrical signaling can lead to a reduction in production of collagen all over, including the hands. While Neutrogena Clinical was not developed specifically for how skin on the hand ages, it can be used on the hands," says Neutrogena.

The brand new sets will come in product pairings designed for day and night use, as well as the eye area, and will retail from $39.99 to $49.99.

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