gold boxing glove cufflinks

Similar looking boxing glove cufflinks to the one that was stolen.
Photo: Choice Cufflinks

Want not, waste not.

A single cufflink was stolen during a jewelry heist -- because the thief only has one arm, the Daily Mail reports.

Czech-born Meroslva Balog pleaded guilty to two counts of theft (no, not armed robbery) after being busted for stealing a solo gold boxing glove-shaped cufflink valued at £130 (about $200) from a British jewelry store, according to the paper.

Guess what he lacks in arms he makes up for in sticky fingers.

The 28-year-old thief, who also 'fessed up to stealing a watch in a separate incident, reportedly told the jewelers he was looking for a present for his mother when he knocked over the cufflink display and made off with the trinket.

And while the fact that only one cufflink was missing may have been a major tip-off, the fact that Balog was reportedly caught on the store's video camera really did him in.

Balog was given a 12-month community sentence and 120 hours of community work and was ordered to pay the jeweler £130 compensation plus court costs, the paper reports.

There's no escaping the long arm of the law!

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