Kohl's ponytail baseball cap is hair made simple. Photo: Courtesy Photo

Do you have ponytail envy? Do you eye women with long, thick hair who look great with it pulled back into an effortless-styled ponytail? They even make wearing it with a hat look fabulous!

And for women that are struggling to get their short, frayed ends secured into an elastic band only to have it fall out moments later, you may be thinking that there has to be a better way.

Well there is, if you ask the folks at Kohl's. The department store has introduced the ponytail baseball cap -- a shiny, spiraled blond synthetic ponytail attached to a denim cap.

Could this be the look we always wanted? Um, no.

For starters, the chances of it matching your natural hair color are almost zero. Secondly, what do you do when your hat flies off on a windy day? "Excuse me, have you seen my hat -- and my ponytail?" If you ask us, this is one cap to leave at home -- or better yet, at the store.

But there are plenty of other stylish options (and not just for bad hair days).