Kate Gosselin Tony Dovolani dancing with the stars promo picture white dress slit

Kate Gosselin and DWTS partner Tony Dovolani. Photo: ABC

When StyleList heard the names of the 11 celebrities competing on this season of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" -- hello, Pamela Anderson! -- we could already see the wardrobe department stocking up on double-stick tape.

As luck would have it, we talked to the show's Emmy-winning costumer, Randall Christensen, just moments after a fitting with the former "Baywatch" babe, whose ample assets were high on our list of potential wardrobe malfunctions.

Besides dishing about Anderson, longtime ballroom costumer Christensen told StyleList his plans for crafting a glamorous look for reality-mom-of-the-moment Kate Gosselin. Here, we present his behind-the-seams insights.

StyleList: You've got quite the cast this season. How much double-stick tape do you have on hand?
Randall Christensen: [Laughs] Ah, if only the tape worked! It doesn't stay on with all the bronzer the dancers wear, so the costumes have to be perfect. There isn't a lot of room for mistakes.

SL: In the show's promo pictures, Pamela Anderson is not overexposed up top. Is that intentional?
RC: Pamela is very aware of what people expect her to be wearing, and I can tell you we're not going in that direction. The idea with her is going to be a surprise.

That woman has got some great legs -- who knew with all the attention paid to other parts of her body? It's time the legs get the attention they deserve! She's very sexy, but we are going to try some looks that are glamorous. She's anxious to do something different.

SL: When you're dressing Kate Gosselin, do you think, "This is a mother of eight, I can't show too much skin?"
RC: Exactly! Kate is very aware that everything she wears on the dance floor is going to be seen and remembered by her children.

The look we will be going for is very glamorous and sophisticated, but more discreet. We are also talking about someone who isn't exactly your typical mother of eight. She's in good shape. It's going to be easy to make her look good.

SL: Is the white costume in her publicity stills something we'll see on the show?
RC: Nothing from the publicity shots will be on the show. They are from my collection. When we do cast photos, we are short on time and try pieces we already have.

Some are from prior seasons; some from ballroom competitions. We tried about six dresses on Kate. This one, we knew immediately was right. It was flattering and glamorous, but didn't show too much skin. The sheer overlay at the waist does give it a bit of sexiness.

SL: I thought it read a little bridal, like maybe you were sending a message about new beginnings for her?
RC: If I was, it was subliminal. But I kind of like that idea -- the dress does look very fresh and romantic on her.

pamela anderson partner dancing with the stars fringe dress

Ballroom babe Pamela Anderson and partner. Photo: ABC

SL: You always have someone at dress rehearsal watching for wardrobe malfunctions, right?
RC: Actually, it's a group effort. It's usually me and two of my assistants. We are on the floor right near the judges' table with notebooks, looking for things that might go wrong.

Every dip, every turn can change the way a costume behaves. If we see something, the dress goes back for a fix. We have to work quickly because the show is live and there's not a lot of time between the rehearsal and airtime.

SL: So will we see "The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka in a pilot's costume?
RC: Now, some things I am going to have to leave up to surprise. I will say, though that some men are just born to wear a uniform! And Jake is most certainly one of them!

"Dancing With the Stars" premieres Monday, March 22, at 8/7 C on ABC.

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