Ellen DeGeneres

Photo: Craig Barritt/jpistudios.com

Ellen DeGeneres is over 50, but you'd never know it by her youthful, spirited style, including her short, spiky hair.

"This cut works well on Ellen because of her hair texture," Craig Gangi a former stylist on the Ellen DeGeneres Show who's now at the Argyle Salon and Spa in Los Angeles.

"She wants to stay hip, and she's always looking to change it up and keep it modern."

A hair cut that's short on top with lots of layers creates a very textured look for this comedian and Covergirl spokesperson.

But the key to this face-flattering style is adding razored edges and highlights around the face to keep it soft, says Gangi. Product-wise, a little pomade creates the messiness of DeGeneres' signature style.

"Ellen can pull this look off. She looks good in short hair," stated Gangi. "It's just who she is."

What other 50-plus-year-old women top this stylist's great hair list?

Michelle Pfeiffer
, Madonna, Kim Basinger and Oprah (her shorter 'do now, not the longer locks she was sporting last season). And let's not forget the queen of short and sassy, Jamie Lee Curtis!

When it comes to a short hair cut, Gangi believes that matching your hair to your personality is what ultimately determines who can wear it. "It's all about your personal style," he said.

"You couldn't put this on Julia Roberts because that's not who she is." Some women feel short, spiky hair takes away from their femininity, but, according to Gangi, if you're confident and add enough highlights to keep it soft, you can wear it, regardless of your age.

What do you think? Who are your over 50 Hollywood hair faves?

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