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Forget the tight updos, when you want to pull your long hair up, there are many more flattering and stylish options these days. Here are three of them for you:

The Hidden Braid
This is a simple look that keeps the hair off your face, yet still allows you to keep those long locks flowing. Start by lifting a section of your hair from the crown and clip it out of the way (you'll come back to this at the end). Then make a small braid on either side of your head and secure with a small elastic band. Join both braids together at the back and use a fun clip, barrette or band to fasten them. Finally, let the hair down from your crown and allow it to cascade over the braids. The great thing about this look is that, while you won't see the braids, you'll have a sleek and stylish way to keep hair off your face without the traditional look of just pulling it back in a ponytail or with clips.

The Braided Bun
If you like the look of a bun but want a more updated version, try braiding it. Start by parting your hair with a side part. Make two mini braids starting at the part line and moving along that line towards the crown of your head. Join braids together into one and continue braid into a ponytail. Twist the ponytail braid into a low bun. If you want to get really creative, accessorize the bun with a cute flower or ribbon.

The Twist and Tuck
If braiding leaves you frustrated, here is a simple look that takes just a couple of minutes. Start with a low side part and make a section from the part to just behind your ear. Twist and tuck that section and continue to add more hair as you go around and behind your head. Then, gather hair together behind your other ear and pull into a large twist. Secure both twists behind your head with a fashionable band or large clip.

Long hair is making a come back. Take a look at who's sporting a lengthy do these days!