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Don't eau before you go.. to work in Detroit. Photo: George Marks/Retrofile, Getty Images

Well, that stinks.

Detroit workers are facing a ban on perfumes and colognes following a court settlement with a scent-sensitive employee, Fox News reports.

Planning Department employee Susan McBride filed the suit after the city failed to take action against a co-worker who refused to stop wearing excessive fragrance, according to the news outlet.

(Maybe she should have tried Eva Longoria's scent for perfume haters?)

McBride reportedly settled with the city for $100,000, and the landmark decision means employees in three of the city's government buildings will be subject to a ban on strongly scented fragrances, creams and deodorants.

The ban will reportedly soon go into effect for those working in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, the Cadillac Square building and the National City building.

Unfortunately, it's not yet clear on what exactly constitutes as a "strong" scent (though we seem to find that watery eyes and coughing fits are an indication).

"It's in the nose of the beholder, really," lawyer John Holmquist tells Fox News. "There's no enforcement mechanism, and there's no mechanism to really set a standard... if you feel that your scent is okay -- not withstanding what the supervisor feels."

That clears that up!

But no use crying over unspilt Chanel No. 5, people. After all, can't you take some small comfort knowing that you'll never be stuck in an elevator with an Axe Man again?

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