Estelle Bowl Cut

Estelle's modern take on the bowl cut. Photo: Getty Images

Grammy-winning singer Estelle definitely keeps us guessing when it comes to her hair.

Whether her tresses are in a sleek pixie or a smooth chignon, the English "American Boy" songstress's strands are ever evolving.

Taking a break from promoting her latest single, "Freak," Estelle talked to StyleList about bringing her flavor to season 3 of "Shear Genius," crossing continents to get her hair styled, and surviving a haircut gone bad -- real bad.

StyleList: How was your experience as a guest judge on "Shear Genius"?
Estelle: I had no idea what to expect, but I wanted to be myself and be honest. Growing up I did hair by force of having little brothers and sisters. I think every black girl has done hair. I'm very specific about what I want and like. I wanted to see the contestants take the looks somewhere completely different. And it was very entertaining [laughs].

SL: How does your hair reflect your personal style?
Estelle: It's very eclectic. It's whatever it is at any given moment. I like it simple because my hair is very thick, and when it gets wet it tends to go very wavy versus real tight. I keep it as straight as possible by not putting in a lot of products like gel.

SL: You've recently worn the bowl cut. Why that look?
Estelle: That was a wig [laughs]! I just like the hairstyle. It's a good alternative when you're having a bad hair day.

SL: You're from England. How long did it take to find a hairstylist in the United States you felt comfortable with?
About a year. I was coming back and forth for a while. I had one lady who did my hair exactly the way I liked it, but she lived too far away. I found someone closer based on a recommendation, and I've been going there ever since.

SL: Are there any hair products from England that you still use today?
Well, it's kind of all over. Paul Mitchell's Foaming Pomade -- it's the greatest! It just holds it down. When my hair has a frizz moment, I put some of that in and it sits real quietly.

The hip, young singer reminds us of Audrey Hepburn with her chic chignon and wing-tipped eyelashes. Photo: Getty Images

SL: Any past hair experiences that have stuck with you?
Estelle: When I was about 17 and had just started cutting my hair, I let this lady do my hair. Imagine that bowl cut I had, but I didn't want that haircut and it came out crazy dry. It looked like all of the oils were sucked out. It just looked terrible! I had to be nice and polite and just leave. I went home and put powder and grease onto my head to slick it down and hoped for the best.

SL: Who are some of your beauty and fashion icons?
Estelle: Audrey Hepburn, Diana Ross and The Supremes... that whole era. When I first came out, I had the white eyes. And people were like, "Oh, you're dark skinned. Why are you wearing white eyes?" It was because I loved it, and I could do anything I wanted! It's different and just gorgeous.

SL: What beauty products are always in your handbag?
Estelle: Lip gloss, face powder, and ChapStick.

SL: Is there anything you feel naked without?
Estelle: Lashes! I love good lashes. Mine are pretty long as they are, but I put on the falsies and I'm like, 'Wow!'

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