Green eye shadow as an accent at Nicole Farhi and Derek Lam Spring 2010. Photo: ImaxTree

Green eye shadow -- from mint to kelly -- is loved by makeup artists for enhancing eye color and making your orbs sparkle.

"I actually find that green is the most universally flattering shade to all colors of skin and eyes," says renown makeup artist Pat McGrath, who's also the creative design director at Covergirl. "It makes the whites of the eyes look whiter and contrasts (or harmonizes) with all colors of irises beautifully."

"Other shades are gorgeous and fun to wear as well, but green has long been my personal favorite,' she adds.

Minty shadows are a trend for spring, but not all over the eye. The modern way to wear them is slashed along the lower lids, or shaded into the inner corner and pared with similarly sparkling pastels, as seen above on the Spring 2010 runways at Nicole Farhi and Derek Lam.

There are a few rules to follow: If you're opting for an icy pastel green, you should never go lighter than the skin tone under the eyes; if you have a darker skin tone, chose a a sparkling grass or forest green instead. And when you find the right shade, apply it sparingly and strategically. "Lighter colors look best on the lid and inner corners of the eyes," says McGrath.

Green shadows by Maybelline and Covergirl. Courtesy Photos

We suggest a slick of the green shade in Covergirl Exact Eyelights Eye Brightening Palette in Radiant Blues along the lower lids, or the green shade in Maybelline Eye Studio Marbleized Eye Shadow in Ivy Icon worn as a wash on the upper eye lids. Or one of the shades from Lancome Color Design Quad in Pop 'n Green applied softly to the inner corners.

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