Even if she doesn't like to admit it, every woman can think of a "problem area" when it comes to her body. In this episode of "My Body, My Style" our model Katherine divulges that it is her pesky midsection that gives her pause. (Who can't relate to that, ladies?) Fortunately, fashion guru Sam Saboura knows all the tricks when it comes to concealing a full tummy.

Saboura recommends that women who share Katherine's predicament wear prints that are in tune with the rest of their body. Specifically, taller, fuller women should opt for bigger patterns while small, petite women should choose tinier patterns.

The end result to Katherine's cardigan-blouse-pencil skirt-combo? "I love it," she says. "I can see myself wearing this a lot."

Whether you're pear shaped, have a long torso, or are full-figured, you won't want to miss the rest of our tips for finding the best clothes for your shape, in the "My Body, My Style" series.