Make the most of your thick hair. Photo: Peter Buckingham

Got lots of hair?

Consider yourself lucky.

Thick, full hair is much to be desired. In fact, says celebrity stylist and Hair Basics expert, Ted Gibson, "It's the kind of hair that most girls want."

One of the best things about having a head-full, notes Gibson, is that you don't have to get it cut every four to six weeks. You can also use a lot of styling product without weighing the hair down and you don't have to shampoo daily (oily hair is hardly a concern).

Most women know if they have thick hair, but the true measure is the diameter of each strand. "If your hair strands are on the larger side, you have thick hair," says Gibson.

Another way to determine: pull your hair back with an average size elastic. If it will only wrap one or two times, your hair is most definitely thick.

When it comes to cutting thick hair, long layers work best, as do longer styles. "If you cut thick hair short, it tends to stick out," says Gibson.

And because most women with thick hair often skip out on a few shampoos, washing with one that's highly cleansing is recommended. "You want a shampoo that is going to thoroughly remove build-up from the scalp, as well as the hair," says Gibson.

Thick hair can handle almost any styling product, but the ones that work best are products spiked with silicone. They have a little more weight, which helps keep thick hair tame.

One of the easiest styles to achieve with thick hair is coveted, beachy waves. Because the hair is full and voluminous, the curl holds beautifully.

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