Louis Moinet Watch Dinosaur Bone Fragments

This watch is bad to the bone. Literally! Photo: Louis Moinet

"The Land Before Time" meets, er, time.

Swiss watchmaker Louis Moinet has designed 12 limited-edition watches containing dinosaur bone fragments -- and they're priced at nearly $300,000 apiece, the Austrian Times reports.

(Hmmm. Is it just us or does this sound like the plot for "Jurassic Park 86"?)

The pricey "Jurassic" Tourbillon timepiece -- priced at £193,000, or about $294,000 -- boasts small fragments of bone from the plant-eating diplodocus, which roamed the planet some 150 million years ago, according to the paper.

"Qualified as exceptional by experts, the color and veining of these precious witnesses to our past underwent a meticulous process of preservation," the watch's sales copy reads.

According to the company, the bones were excavated in western North America and authenticated by a geologist. Ooh -- the folks at Fossil are gonna be pissed.

And as if walking around with T. Rex's lunch wrapped around your wrist isn't enough, the watch also reportedly features 56 baguette diamonds set in18-karat white gold and . Yabba dabba do!

"It's amazing that you really do have a genuine piece of dinosaur on your arm," one fan told the paper.

Be careful what you wish for, dude. Samuel L. Jackson said the same thing!

P.S. If $300K is too rich for your blood, try the poor caveman's version: Artya's Coprolite watch, featuring a face made from dinosaur dung for about $11,000. The crap they sell these days!

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