Helena Bonham Carter black dress braids

Helena Bonham Carter in her usual wacky wardrobe. Photo: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images for MOMA

Panic on the streets of London!

Britain is licking its wounds after a new poll deemed it the worst-dressed country in Europe, The Sun reports.

This is so Helena Bonham Carter's fault.

To pour salt on the wound, the Brits "won" the title with a whopping 44 percent of the vote, according to the paper.

The poll -- which was conducted by shopping Website Ciao and surveyed voters in seven European countries -- reportedly named Italy the best-dressed nation (shocker), with only three percent saying it had bad sartorial sense.

The Germans, meanwhile, weren't so lucky, with 33 percent calling them out for crimes of fashion, The Sun reports.

But those lederhosen still managed to beat out the garb worn by Brits.

"The contribution that Brits have made to the fashion scene over the years includes icons like Vivienne Westwood, Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen," Ciao director Tom Hyde told the paper.

"We were shocked to discover that Britain is seen as the worst-dressed nation in Europe."

The poll reportedly suggested that the Brits' love for budget fashion could be to blame.

"The Primani habit has led Brits to sartorial disaster," Hyde told the paper, referring to a slang nickname for the low-priced UK chain Primark.

According to the survey, 85 percent of British shoppers spend the least amount of money on their wardrobes -- less than £100 (about $160) a month.

By contrast, Germans spend about £200 per month and the Spanish fork out more than £500, the survey found.

Brits were also seen to have their accessory priorities out of whack, with 29 percent calling sunglasses their most important accessory, and just 11 percent of British women reportedly seeing their handbags as a fashion statement rather than a necessity.

This coming from the country that gave us this season's red-hot Mulberry Alexa bag? For shame!

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