woman with false eyelashes

False lashes are selling well. Photo: Getty Images

America is lashing out.

Today's WWD reports that over the past year, while most beauty sales were lackluster, false eyelash sales have increased by 6.2 percent to about $44 million, while lash-enhancing products like Latisse (prescription-only), Rocasuba RapidLash and L'Oréal Lash Serum are flying off the shelves at record rates.

This is surprising but welcome news to retailers and eye lash enthusiasts alike.

Traditionally, false lashes have been sold in the accessories areas of stores, rather than among the rest of lash cosmetics.

WWD interviewed David Woolf of American International Industries (a major player in faux lash products) for his perspective on the sales trend, "Eyelashes are the fashion cosmetics of today," said Woolf.

"Why do most retailers look at lashes as an accessory instead of a cosmetic? Retailers need to realize eyelashes are a cosmetic and that this is a category that has shown double-digit growth year after year. The fact of the matter is that the least productive retail lash sets are those with the fewest [stockkeeping units]."

Women have started to use false lashes more frequently, for special events and holidays as well as daily wear and are turning to sites like YouTube for application tips. Even Facebook has helped boost sales of lash-enhancers, with fan pages and testimonials.

Talk about fringe benefits!

To learn how to apply your false lashes like a pro, check out our how-to video!