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Destination Chinatown. Anthony Williams and Maya Luz are paired for an NYC team challenge. Photo: Lifetime

We've taken more than one odd detour on what was supposed to be the "all New York" season of "Project Runway," but finally our hometown fashion cravings are fulfilled.

The remaining eight designers are dispatched throughout Manhattan in search of inspiration. The only complication: Their urban tours involve the "buddy system." Uh-oh -- that means it's the dreaded "team challenge" week.

The Challenge: Teams must tour an assigned neighborhood, using its sights, sounds, and street style as influence for day and evening looks.

The Designing Duos and Their Neighborhoods:

Can't We All Just Get Along?:
Sario and Hermanovski do not like each other, and Sario is hyperventilating at the prospect of walking a single city block with her. Luz, an admitted control freak, questions Williams' taste and Sosa and Henderson have completely different design aesthetics. The only happy "couple" is Peters and Sarabi. Both are game for complicated designs that push boundaries. A match made in heaven?

The Neighborhood Tours: Our fifth-grade visit to the Statue of Liberty wasn't this much fun! Southerner Williams is fascinated by ducks hanging in the Chinatown shop windows. "We don't have things like this in Georgia," he says, as Luz shrewdly steers him and his sketchbook toward some paper dragons.

Sosa, who has lived in Harlem, enjoys getting Henderson to groove on the "liquor stores and fried-chicken shops." Sarabi and Peters run their hands over textured building materials and swoon over elaborate iron gates in the tony Upper East Side. Sario and Hermanovski sit on a park bench and try to sketch without stabbing each other with pens.

This Week's Product Placement: Lifetime viewers, meet Collier Strong, the consulting makeup artist for L'Oreal's Studio Secrets. We don't mind the product promotion since Strong does some pretty cool things with yellow eye shadow and red lipstick. Who knew it could look so good?

The Guest Judges: Calvin Klein's Creative Director Francisco Costa fills in for designer Michael Kors, and model/actress Molly Sims rounds out the panel in a beautiful way.

The Runway Show: Just like New York, the show is mostly fashionable and mostly hip. We are especially smitten with Williams' evening look and the street-smart vibe of the Sosa/Henderson collection.

And we are worried about Sarabi and Peters, who somehow think the color orange represents the Upper East Side. Um, did they notice all the black clothing when they were out strolling?

Who's In: The Sosa/Henderson duo wins top honors for "getting" their neighborhood and playing nice. "I have to say, I'm in love with both looks," says judge Heidi Klum.

Who's Out: Texan Sarabi's departure is a shocker because she's been on our short list for a coveted spot in the final four since she won the Campbell's Soup red-dress challenge way back in Episode 4. The collection Sarabi presented at New York Fashion Week in the show's finale taping was also a standout -- we remember several pieces, which is impressive considering that 10 contestants showed 10 looks each.

Peters sobs at her exit, and Tim Gunn is distressed, telling her she's "a real talent." Sarabi is circumspect and parts by saying, "I like to try new things and don't want to change my perspective."

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