What are you going to wear while breaking on the beach? Photo: Dimitri Vervitsiotis/Getty Images

Today we're launching a new feature, The Weekender, aimed at equipping you with outfit inspiration for Saturday and Sunday fun time. Heading to a wedding? Got you covered! City break with the new boyfriend? On it. Thrifting with your best bud? Check.

This week we're focusing on that most esteemed mid-March tradition: SPRING BREAK!

Right now, millions of college kids are stripping down and making bad decisions from Florida all the way down to Cancún. Whether you're honing your beer pong skills or reminiscing about the days when Downtown Julie Brown was on MTV, there is something appealing about throwing caution to the wind, slipping into a bikini, and escaping those last throes of winter.

Here are some suggestions for a carefree uniform to channel that youthful beachy look. Mix up some patterns, throw on a romper, and don't forget your flask!