Karen Rovinovitz, the founder of Purple Lab and creator of Huge Lips, Skinny Hips lip gloss, dishes on the trials and tribulations of creating your own makeup line. Read her all her Beauty bLab columns here.

Julianne Moore's glamorous cat eye in "A Single Man." Photo: Weinstein Company

We have officially started a series of how-to videos at Purple Lab on our YouTube channel. And doing so with just seven products forces you to to be super creative.

When you think of liquid eyeliner, you probably think one thing - cat eye. Beautiful, but so what?

The liquid liner/tubing mascara duo I just launched, Lashionista Modelista, is more than jut mascara and liner. Packed with protein peptides and conditioner, it's eye treatment makeup that optimizes healthy, long, lush, exotic lashes - helping their growth and flexibility.

And when I was playing around with the liner part - Modelista - I turned it from a line to a gunmetal shadow (the shade, After Dark, is infused with diamond dust and you know I love my color, carats and clarity!). As you smudge the black, the diamonds emerge more and more. And the liner moves around the lid like paint on a canvas.

Inspired by the 60s look of A Single Man, Tom Ford's new-ish film (swooned over that cinematic stunningness), I turned a boring black line into iconic eye drama.

Our sexy cat eye. Photo: Getty Images

1. Draw a line along the line of the top lash from the inside corder to the outside corner

2. Build the line so that it gets thicker and thicker as you move away from the inner corner of the eye, almost shading in the entire lid, winging it out VERY slightly at the edge (it's not about a major cat eye but it's nice to get an almond shape)

3. Don't panic if it looks VERY black - it will but it won't stay that way after the next step

4. While the liquid liner is still wet, begin to smudge it with a short-bristled brush

5. As you smudge, you will see the black will fade and the diamond dust will emerge more and more

6. Blend evenly so that the color is dispersed equally across the lid

Hot, isn't it?


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