Julianne Moore. Photo: Getty Images

Natural redheads may only account for two percent of the population, but that doesn't mean more of us can't take advantage of the head-turning rust, auburn or strawberry blond shades.

Celebrities like Julianne Moore, and Amy Adams have proven how fabulous a woman can look in a vibrant shade of red. Julia Roberts -- although not a natural redhead -- looks downright striking in this color. And who can forget Lucille Ball with her fiery orange-red hair? While that's not a shade many of us would choose today, we can't imagine this actress with anything but.

Red makes a big statement. according to Josephine DeLeon of Elia Hair Salon in New York City. "It's a fun color and just about any woman can pull it off as long as it's the right shade."

DeLeon advises fair skined women to choose a light, copper shade or strawberry blond, while those with a medium complexion can go with medium copper or auburn. Women with olive skin look best with a dark auburn or burgundy hue.

In addition, DeLeon says women of any age can go red.

She says the younger hip-hop crowd looks terrific with bold, popping highlights, and older women look great with cooler, darker auburn or mahogany shades. And those of us with curly hair? "Go for it," says DeLeon. "Women with curly hair look amazing with a beautiful shade of red."

The two most important things to remember are to seek out a professional and not going more than two shades lighter than your natural color, advises DeLeon. "Red can be tricky. Your stylist needs to look at your base color and the condition and texture of your hair to determine the right level of color and peroxide. Doing this yourself can result in a very time consuming and expensive color correction."

Other things to keep in mind when going adding some spice to your strands? "Feel good and own it," says DeLeon. "It's all about embracing yourself as a woman and having fun with it."

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