votre vu

Skincare on ice! Votre Vu Le Sorbet frozen anti-aging serum. Photo courtesy of Votre Vu

French skincare brands have long been known for meticulous use of active botanical ingredients, über-decadent formulas and luxurious aromas.

But, since they're mostly sold in high-end stores and fancy spas, they've also been known for their steep price tags.

Votre Vu is looking to change that by offering luxury French skincare at affordable prices, without compromising quality. How, you ask? By forgoing the traditional retail outlets for online sales and direct selling via Votre Vu consultants. These methods help them keep costs down, which means a lower selling price.

So for instance, last year a comparable French skincare brand launched a night cream that currently retails for over $700, while Votre Vu Perfect Night Regenerating Anti-Age Night Crème is $69.

Votre Vu uses a family-run, custom-blending skincare manufacturer in France (that also happens to work with several fancy-pants European brands) that's been making luxury skincare for over 80 years and has access to the best ingredients from around the world.

They offer an extensive range of skin, body and hair products, and several innovative niche products like Tragic Magic (a cream for people with hyper-sensitive skin, eczema or rosacea), Le Sorbet (an anti-aging serum you keep in the freezer to preserve the potent marine collagen and vegetable peptides) and Ten Gauge (a natural energy drink with sea buckthorn to increase libido).

The company is also finding that with unemployment percentages at a high, women are jumping on the direct-selling train and becoming consultants, which offers flexible hours and a low financial commitment.

"Our consultants do not need to retain inventory or deliver products," said CEO Harold Zimmerman in a statement. "And with the growing segment of online sales, consultants can sell to an indefinite number of people they don't even know."

Plus, consultants get to throw parties at their house where friends come over for cocktails and play with beauty products.

Not a bad Friday night!