geox empire state building heels purple sequins

Geox's new sky-scraping sequin heels. Perfect for the concrete jungle.
Photo courtesy of Geox

Are you in an Empire state of mind?

Well so is Geox, which is launching a limited-edition line of heels inspired by the Empire State Building for Spring/Summer 2010.

Where's King Kong when you need him?

Available come April in the brand's 34th Street store in NYC, the collection features sky-scraping five-inch heels modeled after the legendary New York City landmark, in your choice of gold or silver, according to a press release.

To top it off, the heels boast rhinestone appliques to mimic the building's windows.

What, they couldn't throw in mini Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks figurines on the observation deck, or a line of fanny pack-wearing tourists fashioned out of Swarovski crystals?

The rubber-soled collection is available in a leopard-print peep-toe style, or black or purple sequined pump. Er... is this New York or the Jersey Shore?

Much as we heart New York, we'd rather trade in our Yankees caps than hobble around on heels that look like crutches.

Besides -- the $230 price tag would buy us at least admission and a (small) souvenir at the actual Empire State Building.

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