Designer Lela Rose backstage at her Fall 2010 runway show. Photo: Getty Images

Did you know you can get one of the most effective beauty treatments for free? It's sleep!

That's right -- although the beauty (and health!) benefits of getting enough sleep are scientifically proven and well documented, we are still a sleep-deprived nation. Just look around your office first thing in the morning -- what do you see? Dark circles, puffy eyes, sallow skin, and a lot of yawning.

In honor of their new nighttime skin-renewing product, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Kiehl's launched the Midnight Recovery Diaries, which is currently challenging six super-busy people to recover healthy sleep patterns for 15 days and document it through blog entries, photos and videos.

Among the non-paid participants are fashion designer Lela Rose, journalist Nick Burns and eco-consultant Beth Doane.

Their challenge, which started on March 15 and wraps up on March 29, is to go to bed by midnight every night and get seven hours of shut-eye. As a little bonus for their skin, the sleepers were given samples of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate to help jump-start their tired complexions.

Rose shared last week: "I slept horribly last night but I don"t think it was due to the Kiehls. I have been really bsy and somewhat stressed...I never tend to sleep well during those times. I have gone over my allotted 3 drops again and am going to bed. Hoping for some good zzz's."

Go to to track their progress and to find tips to help you reclaim what's rightfully yours -- a great night's sleep. You can also get a deluxe sample of Midnight Recovery Concentrate and sign up for your own challenge.

So get some sleep already! Your skin will thank you.