MIchelle Bombshell McGee pink bikini tattoos

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee has been dropped by Angry White Girl clothing. Photo: Keith Allen Phillips, Splash News

Michelle McGee picked a good time to sell her story -- that money will come in handy now that the alleged ex-mistress of Jesse James has been fired from her modeling job.

According to a statement on Angry White Boy Clothing's Facebook page, the clothing line "severed all connections" with Sandra Bullock's tattooed tormentor this past Sunday.

"AWB creator and CEO Jimmy Angry White Boy made the decision after several incidents of misrepresentation by the media have led his clothing line (along with Jimmy personally) to be associated with racist organizations," the statement says. "These accusations and allegations are completely untrue."

Though Angry White Boy -- which includes the Angry White Girl line McGee modeled -- bills itself as a "politically incorrect" fashion label inspired by hardcore music, the company found itself facing charges of white supremacy after alleged Nazi fetish photos of the "Bombshell" surfaced on TMZ, CBS News reports.

The controversial photos, which show McGee wearing a swastika armband, bikini and Nazi officer's hat while playing with a knife and gun, have reportedly branded her as a white supremacist.

But while the images may not be good for business -- owner Jimmy Ferrari told CBS that he blames the Nazi allegations on low T-shirt sales -- the company apparently has no beef with McGee herself.

"Michelle is a great person with an incredible sense of professionalism and it has been a pleasure to work with her in the past," Ferrari (aka "Angry White Boy") says in his official statement

"In light of recent events I feel that the best thing for my company is to move on in a separate direction.

"Angry White Boy will continue on in the same way it always has: I will continue to manufacture clothing that best represents my attitude and encapsulates the energy and passion of the hardcore movement. I wish Michelle all the best in her future endeavors."

Looks like Sandra Bullock may have the last laugh after all. Just imagine how hard it's gonna be to land a job with that much ink.

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