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Taylor Swift's wavy tendrils work best for her svelte figure. Photo: Getty Images

You've heard about the importance of finding the best haircut for your age, face shape, and even the right style for your hair's texture. But how about the best look based on your body type? Hair expert, Mark Garrison, told Ladies Home Journal what's happening below your neck is just as important as what's happening above it. Here are some of his hair dos and don'ts based on your body shape:

Slim and straight
Do: "The goal is to add some body and curves where you can -- in your hair. Medium length, wavier, or chunkier hairstyles look best and add feminine flair to this body type. Long bangs, layers, and angles also flatter."
Don't: "The caveat? Don't go too big-haired or your hair will look disproportionate to your body. Also avoid too long, too straight and sleek hair as it emphasizes your thinness. Too short or spiky hair can also look masculine on a boyish figure."

Curvy and full
Do: "Go for a layered, medium-length cut. An angled look will camouflage extra pounds. Try side parts and bangs for a soft, complementary look to your curves."
Don't: "Stay away from hair that is too short and close to the head or, in the opposite spectrum, long and very full. Round-shaped styles, like a curly, shoulder-length style with lots of height and width, are also not for you."

Do: "Keep hair loose, smooth, and neat for a professional, sleek appearance. Try medium to short length hair with layers, angles, and some height at the top of the head."
Don't: "Don't go to extremes. Too-short hair will make your head look too small, and too-long hair will overpower your figure. Also avoid anything that can fall into the "cute" category, like high ponytails, braids, pigtails, and the like."

Tall and athletic
Do: "Experiment with hairstyles to see what flatters your hair texture and face shape. Your body type works best with most hairstyles."
Don't: "Forget the old standby ponytail -- leave that style for gym time! Flatter your figure with soft, feminine styles with some length and wave."

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