American Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox. Photo: Getty Images

Proving that she's got a style all her own with her strong voice and folksy fashion, American Idol's Crystal Bowersox says she will not succumb to Hollywood's pressure to change who she is or how she looks. The 24-year-old singer, who's a little bit hippie, a little bit rock and roll, wants to remain "true to herself." And that includes her dreadlocks -- a look she plans to keep.

"I've had these for about four and a half years now," she told's Laura Saltman on the red carpet at "Idol's" Top 12 party in Los Angeles. "They've been around the world with me - Istanbul, Turkey ... Mexico ... England - so there's a lot of history here," Bowersox said.

There is also a lot of time invested in this look. The Knotty Boy Salon in Vancouver, which specializes in creating dreadlocks, says it can take years to get the full dread head look. "Super-awesome locks do NOT just happen overnight," they say on their website. "You must understand that, unlike a quick cut at your local salon, this new 'do takes a lot more patience than any other - sometimes even years of patience."

Bowersox admits that she has frustrated the stylist at American Idol who wants her to try new looks and brighter colors, but she stands firm in what feels right to her. "I'll let them play with my bangs a little, maybe," she told Entertainment Weekly. "But, other than that, I definitely want to continue my own clothes, my own hair. What you see is what you get. I'm not changing anything for anyone except myself."

And for those who think this 'do can't be washed, Bowersox is quick to correct that thinking. "I do wash my hair - just so everyone knows," she said. "There's a lot of myths out there about dreadlocks but they're very clean and well kept."

So, dreadlocks -- do you love them or, ahem, dread them? Tell us what you think, then check out another performer who hit the stage with these tight locks.