Jane Krakowski has partnered with Jergens and The Skin Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the carcinogenic affects of indoor tanning. Photo: Joe Kohen for Wireimage.

When you're a Jersey girl, days spent tanning "down the shore" are a given.

But Jane Krakowski wants you to rethink that.

The 30 Rock actress and former New Jersey sun worshipper has reformed her sun-roasting ways, and is teaming up with Jergens to coax other women into bronzing in a safe, more healthy way.

"My family used to go to the shore, and I'd put baby oil on my skin and lay out all day. We just didn't know how harmful it was back then. Now magazine articles and the internet have taught us otherwise and there's no excuse for not knowing," Krakowski tells StyleList in an exclusive interview.

As part of the blonde beauty's partnership with Jergens, Krakowski filmed a YouTube video on taking better care of your skin. If you're looking to intervene on a tanorexic friend's behalf, passing along the video is a great way to share the not-so-subtle message. We also love that Jergens will make a donation to The Skin Cancer Foundation every single time the clip is viewed:

Krakowski names Jergen's Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer as a personal tried-and-true favorite.

"As an actress, I'll do anything to keep wrinkles away. I love that this lotion is so easy to put on and dries fast so I can just go. You don't have to stand around forever with your arms out, not touching anything as it sets," Krakowski laughs.

Krakowski's personal makeup artist - Rebecca Restrepo - was also on hand to discuss their red carpet prepping adventures together.

"When Jane uses a bronzing lotion like Jergens, I find that I use less makeup to give her a glow, since she already has color in her base. Healthy and moisturized skin is the foundation of any red carpet look, and you've got to have a healthy lifestyle to show that. You can't sabotage your skin for weeks leading up to an event and expect to look radiant!" says Restrepo.

Krakowski adds that having a good time is essential to taking great photos on the red carpet.

"I always have a blast getting ready with Rebecca. We're good friends. We laugh, get ready, have lunch together, and it helps relax me for the red carpet. It's important to laugh a lot on those days," says Krakowski.

Awards shows aren't the only item on the actress's plate; the accomplished Tony-award winning Broadway singer is also launching a new album, Live At Feinstein's At The Regency Hotel.

"I picked songs by women who inspire me, like Eartha Kitt, Ann-Margret and even Marilyn Monroe," Krakowski tells StyleList.

Look for the album to reach stores in June, when you'll be hitting the beach with your sunscreen in tow.